Decorative Flooring – Everstone Epoxy Stone Floors in Dillsburg, PA

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We recently did this living room floor refinish in Everstone expoxy stone flooring in Dillsburg, PA.


We used Everstone Sunset and Mini Pearl blend with sun flower design.  We also did the kitchen using Small Coral / Mini Pearl blend.  The divider between the floors was done in Small Ozark Brown.

Bathroom was done in Mini Pearl.

Basement Floor Refinish – Decorative Concrete Dillsburg PA

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We recently refinished this basement floor in Dillsburg, PA.  This decorative concrete finish looks better than concrete stain and is made of Everstone Epoxy stone flooring.


Got Ugly Concrete? Everstone Is The Best Concrete Overlay Available!

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crack-portchPennsylvania winters are tough on concrete and can make your concrete ugly and even cracked.  It costs too much to tear out your old concrete and to replace with new concrete.

What to do about your ugly cracked concrete?

Everstone is your answer to the best concrete overlay!  Our epoxy stone floor surface is a concrete resurfacing product with natural river stone epoxy overlay to repair the look of damaged concrete and upgrade the appearance of your existing concrete surface.  We offer concrete resurfacing for patios, garage floors, basement floors, porch entrances, steps, sidewalks, walkways and much more.

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Spring Is Coming – Time To Fix Your Ugly Concrete!

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Spring is just around the corner, so if you have cracked or broken down concrete, give us a call before you spend your money tearing out your old concrete and then having to pay again for new regular finished concrete or even stamped concrete.

Our epoxy river stone concrete surface is much more beautiful surface than anything else out there and is a great way to keep your footing safe as it’s a great non-slip surface too!

Give us a call today for your free quote: 833-243-8786

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