The EverStone-System will forever deliver superior performance,
comfort and safety our customers expect and deserve.

Proven steps to ensure that you receive the Highest Quality floor available today!

  • Diamond Grinding – Ensures an extremely tenacious bond to the existing substrate.
  • Flexible Crack Welds – Helps to prevent existing substrate cracks from reoccurring.
  • Protective Edges – Helps to prevent high-traffic edges from chipping.
  • Breathable Prime-Coat – Provides a 100% bond and ensures that the floor will not delaminate.
  • Solvent-Free Trowel Slick – Emits NO hazardous fumes or odors and does not weaken the floor.
  • High-Strength Top-Coat – Keeps the floor from shedding and provides gloss retention.
  • Ultra-UV Top-Coat – Helps to provide extended gloss retention on exterior installations.

Below are images of a job and the entire process from start to finish: